Enhanced Engagement

With more than 8000 users over the last two years, ProConnectX has had a big impact. The App boosts participant engagement, resulting in your attendees feeling more connected to the event's purpose. This increased engagement leads to a higher level of buy-in for company initiatives and objectives. By providing a platform for attendees to interact with each other, as well as with the event organizers, it creates a more interactive and dynamic event experience.


Increased Networking

ProConnectX facilitates networking, resulting in more meaningful connections among attendees. Participants can easily connect with peers, speakers, and exhibitors, fostering collaboration and relationship building. With features such as in-app chat, discussions and event gamification challenges, attendees are given the opportunity to connect with one another, making the event more meaningful and impactful.


Message Recall Boost

ProConnectX offers a personalized experience. We customize the app to align with your brand colors, featuring displayed key messages, speaker bios, and impactful content. The personalized messages, tuned to atendees' interests and needs, result in a 40% improvement in message recall among participants. This personalized touch ensures that attendees engage deeply with the content and retain key information.

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Real-Time Updates

Using an event app can greatly enhance the attendee experience by providing real-time updates and effective communication channels. With our event app, attendees will always be informed about any changes or important announcements regarding the agenda, security tips, venue information, or any new information related to the event. No longer will they need to worry about missing important information or running around trying to keep up with the latest updates.

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Real-Time Feedback

Our event app enables real-time feedback. The ability to provide and receive real-time feedback through the application leads to a 45% improvement in event satisfaction. Attendees can voice their opinions in real-time, enabling organizers, speakers, or the venue to make immediate improvements and adjustments to enhance the overall event experience.

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We are looking forward to improving your event engagement with ProConnectX