Making '#EachforEqual is about Collective Individualism' an Experience






Internal Communication

International Women’s Day 2020at Total Kenya – #EqualforEqual.

In March 2020, we collaborated with TotalEnergies for their International Women’s Day celebration under the theme #EqualforEqual. The objective was to create an engaging experience during the all-hands staff briefing that captured the spirit of the event. Our approach focused on promoting collaboration and working together to create an equal workplace and world. Instead of a training session or workshop, we opted for a hands-on approach using art to convey the message.

We partnered with a local artist to create a mural depicting the “hands out” equal pose, which was painted by the TotalEnergies staff using specially made markers. Additionally, we took photos of staff members holding an Equal for Equal photo frame or striking an equal pose. The collaborative mural and photographs served as powerful reminders of the event, promoting the celebration of women’s achievements and the importance of equality.