We Sparked Synergy at the TotalEnergies 2022 Dealers Convention






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Event Engagement

Embracing Resilience, Shaping Tomorrow's Visionsat TotalEnergies

In June 2022, the TotalEnergies Convention marked a triumphant return, building upon the foundation laid in 2018 and 2019, with a hiatus in 2020-2021 due to the pandemic. In our unwavering partnership with TotalEnergies, we conceived an event that transcended past triumphs, breathing new life into the gathering. The convention stood as an embodiment of growth and forward-looking vision, embracing a larger, more spectacular stage and elevating engagement to unprecedented heights.

Set against the backdrop of connection and progress, the event facilitated dealer interactions with leaders and exhibitors, catalyzing value-rich collaborations. Innovations like the event app and a diverse exhibitor lineup redefined the experience. More than a reunion, this convention inspired a collective gaze towards the horizon, a beacon of hope beckoning participants to overcome adversity and seize the boundless potential that lies ahead—a testament to TotalEnergies’ resilience and future-oriented ethos.