Pamoja Twende Mbele, Increasing the TotalEnergies Network team's Performance






Event Management
Experiential Learning

A Second Installment of the National Dealers Convention in a New Setting.

TotalEnergies 2019 National Dealers Convention aimed to surpass the success of the previous year. The event took place in a different location in Nairobi, with a focus on increasing performance and fostering teamwork. The theme “Pamoja Twende Mbele” (Together, Let’s Move Forward) captured the essence of unity and progress. Several improvements were made, including redesigned badges, improved participant feedback through an application, enhanced convention invites involving department heads, refreshed content, and streamlined registration and check-in processes.

The gala award night featured animated content, pyrotechnics, a live band, and participant engagement. Experiential learning activities, facilitated by Catalyst Global, added a dynamic element to the training program. The client expressed satisfaction with the event, noting significant improvement and renewed commitment from the dealers.