Kaplan and Stratton's Team Bonding Day: Building Stronger Connections


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Kaplan and Stratton's Bonding Day 2023

In September 2023, we partnered with Kaplan & Stratton for the company’s bonding day at Nairobi Club. The client aspired to improve communication, productivity, morale, and problem-solving skills. We offered them Tujuane which is an outdoor team engagement with different engaging activities. The day commenced with an energetic Zumba session, setting a lively tone for the event. Participants were then divided into teams, each navigating different zones tailored to enhance specific skills.

In the Creative Zone, creativity was unleashed, promoting innovative thinking and collaborative brainstorming. The Olympics and Performance Zone fostered teamwork, encouraging participants to strategize and compete effectively. The Survival and Collaborative Zone tested resilience and collaborative problem-solving, allowing teams to thrive under pressure. The Team Bonding Day not only provided a platform for fun and enjoyment but also served as a transformative experience, strengthening inter-team relationships, fostering creativity, boosting morale, and instilling a sense of camaraderie among Kaplan and Stratton’s staff.