Beyond Borders: Uniting Diverse Minds at the Leadership Institute Department Conference.


Project Management Institute (PMI)




Team Engagement

Engaging top tier African leadersand creating a lasting impact

On 7th September 2023, Stawi partnered with the Leadership Institute Department of the Project Management Institute for a team-building activity that would kickstart their African Conference. The team consisted of individuals from various parts of Africa who had come together for the conference, most of whom were meeting for the first time. The desired outcomes for the team experience were to foster closeness among the team members, facilitate meaningful interactions before the conference, encourage collaboration and problem-solving, and create a lasting impact. To achieve these goals, we proposed Bookshelf Builders. Bookshelf Builders is a team experience that allows teams to have a fun and engaging experience while making a positive impact.

Participants took on different roles, such as carpentry and painting, to assemble bookshelves and create a themed mural. The team worked together to add finishing touches and personalize the bookshelf. After completing the bookshelves, the team filled them with approved books. To make an impact on the community, we organized a donation event at YMCA Kibera, where the books were donated to the local school. This not only gave the teams the opportunity to personally make a difference, but it also allowed them to experience the joy of giving back and helping children explore new worlds through literature. The activity not only taught new skills but also promoted teamwork and the importance of collective giving.