We empowered Old Mutual East African Leadership during their 2024 Mission Planning Retreat


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Engaging top-tier East Africanbusiness leaders

In December 2023, we partnered with Old Mutual EA for their 2024 Exco Group Mission Planning Event. In this event, we focused on creating a fun, memorable, and impactful experience for attendees, who included the CEO, HR directors, and managers from different countries in East Africa. For Team Engagement, we offered our activity “The Big Picture” to engrain the company’s mission, vision, and values in every participant’s mind heading into the new year. Our strategic business game, “Bean Around the World,” practically trained the participants on short and long-term strategic thinking, contributing to the mission’s success.

We enriched the event further with a storytelling workshop, adding a narrative layer to the strategic discussions. The Gala dinner setup, orchestrated by our Creative Team, transformed the venue into an immersive experience through cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals, aligning participants emotionally with Old Mutual’s vision. The culmination of these efforts left a lasting impact on the attendees, ensuring a highly satisfying and memorable event.