We United the East and the West Beyond Expectations at  Novo Nordisk's 2022 Off-Site Meeting


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Weaving Bonds and Inspiring GrowthWith Novo Nordisk

In 2022, Stawi Experiences collaborated closely with Novo Nordisk to orchestrate an extraordinary off-site meeting, marking a significant reunion after the pandemic-induced hiatus. This event united two pivotal departments, MRQPV and CAS, spanning East and West Africa. Having been their steadfast partner for three years, we crafted an engaging experience that went beyond the ordinary. Leveraging our innovative event application, we seamlessly shared the agenda and experience highlights—a spectrum ranging from gala dinners to immersive visits.

Novel team engagement activities like Knowing Me, Knowing You, Kibandaski, Big Picture, and the interactive Squad Game wove a tapestry of connections. Interactive icebreakers punctuated sessions, fostering team chemistry and camaraderie. This event wasn’t just about fun; it was about reigniting bonds and knowledge-sharing among both seasoned and new team members—a testament to the power of experiential collaboration.