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Event Management
Experiential Learning

A National Conference withDifferent Gamification andAmbient setting.

TotalEnergies’ Lubricant Resellers Conference in 2019 aimed to replicate the success of the National Dealers Convention. The goal was to help distributors and resellers run dynamic businesses, adapt to change, and position themselves for the future. The event utilized gamification, training conversations, case studies, and reflection for experiential learning. The Bean Around the World business game fostered collaboration, risk management, and long-term strategy.

The conference environment featured a stage and room design with Daylight LED Screens, digital podiums, ambient lighting, and a themed backdrop. Badges and lanyards facilitated networking. Attractive aluminum executive clocks with TotalEnergies Lubricants branding were given as corporate gifts, showcasing gratitude and appreciation. The client expressed satisfaction with the impactful experience, effective messaging, and valuable insights provided to the resellers and distributors.