We Were the Catalysts of Intrapreneurial Exploration at Kyosk's Leadership Retreat






Team Engagement

Exploring intrapreneurship valueswith a touch of culinary excellence

In February 2023, we partnered with the Kyosk Leadership Team in an impactful team-building experience at Ol Donyo Sabuk Resort, engaging in the dynamic “Kibandaski Culinary Challenge.”The Leadership Team, including the CEO, General Managers, and Global Heads of Departments, assembled and decorated their Kibandas, mirroring small informal Kenyan restaurants. This immersive culinary journey not only celebrated local traditions but also promoted collaboration, strategic thinking, and adaptability.

The event emphasized the essence of intrapreneurship, encouraging participants to explore innovative solutions, think beyond conventional boundaries, and apply entrepreneurial values to their roles. The Kibandaski experience fortified interpersonal relationships, enhanced problem-solving skills, and provided practical insights into real-world leadership challenges, aligning with Kyosk’s commitment to intrapreneurial values.