We were the Team Engagement Partner during IFC's Financial Institutions Group Retreat


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Empowering the FIG team throughoutcome-based team building

In November 2023, IFC’s Financial Institution Group gathered in Zanzibar for a pivotal retreat aimed at enhancing leadership understanding, breaking down hierarchical barriers, and strengthening teamwork. Most members of the team had been working remotely and were meeting for the first time in a while. Our team-building activities, including “Knowing Me Knowing You” and “Bean Around The World,” facilitated collaboration and strategic thinking. “The Big Picture” visually encapsulated their ultimate goal, their offering, and stakeholders.

Recognizing the need for seamless engagement, we provided our event app ProConnectX, offering a customized interface, streamlined registration, and interactive features and beyond conference engagement, aiding participants in exploring the venue and Zanzibar. This holistic approach aligned team dynamics and left a lasting positive impact, ensuring the retreat not only met its objectives but also fostered a sense of unity and accomplishment among the FIG team.