We United IFC Leaders Across Continents in a Successful Retreat


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Crafting Connections andInspiring Unity

In 2022, we orchestrated the CEG Africa Retreat, a resounding success for the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Assembled under the CAG business unit, this transformative event united IFC leaders from New York headquarters with participants spanning Africa and beyond. Over five immersive days, we oversaw staging, lighting, audio, conference production, event engagement, and team engagement.

The heart of the event beat with dynamic team engagement experiences including “Team Beats” and the vibrant “Who’s Got Talent” showcase, fostering profound connections. A memorable “Big Picture” moment symbolized unity. We curated engaging icebreakers, handled audio-visual aspects, and adorned the setting. Noteworthy gifts and cherished memories were woven into the fabric of the event, extending our commitment to both leadership and the broader team.