The Coming Together of Two Great Global Brands – Bajaj and TotalEnergies






Event Management

Launching a Brand born from a Collaborationby Two Big Global Brands

In August 2019, Total Kenya and Bajaj partnered to launch Total Hi-Perf Boxer Oil, specifically designed for Bajaj Motorcycle engines in Africa. Our task was to manage the launch event in Kenya, featuring senior management from Kenya, Dubai, and India. We aimed to highlight the power of partnership and the impact on boda boda and motorcycle riders.

The event showcased a captivating entrance with a photo booth, an inviting room with LED cocktail tables, and a stage with a Daylight LED screen revealing the product. The grand reveal included a 3D animation, countdown, pyrotechnics, and models unveiling the product. The client appreciated the impactful and memorable experience we created, effectively communicating the partnership and product benefits.