Building Trust, Accountability, Transparency, and One Team


General Electric Africa, Renewables




Team Engagement

Building Trust and Instilling theDepartment's Three Core Values

In February 2020, we collaborated with General Electric Africa’s Renewables division for a four-hour indoor team building event focused on their core values of One Team, Accountability, and Transparency. The objective was to build trust and create an engaging experience for well-traveled and experienced business executives. The chosen team building activity was “The Bakerthon,” where teams were provided with ingredients and resources to design and decorate cakes.

The activity encompassed product design, client service, sales, and creative problem-solving, showcasing the importance of trust and cooperation under high-pressure conditions. The event, held at Sankara Hotel, began with ice breakers followed by the engaging Bakerthon activity, which captivated the participants and kept them engaged until the end. The successful outcome demonstrated the participants’ active involvement and highlighted their international leadership expertise.