Uniting Virtually Connected Minds at the DoubleGDP 2022 Kenya Retreat






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Nurturing Unity at DoubleGDP'sKenyan Retreat 2022

In 2022, we embarked on a unique journey with DoubleGDP—a pioneering team that operates exclusively in the realm of remote work. A trailblazing organization focused on developing city apps, DoubleGDP empowers individuals to navigate and engage with urban environments seamlessly. With team members spanning more than six countries worldwide, their retreat found its home in Kenya. Seeking a blend of cultural immersion and camaraderie, the agenda was artfully crafted.

We set the stage for connection with citywide dinners over two nights, followed by the enlightening Kibandaski—a culinary experience where participants prepare Kenyan breakfasts and lunches. “Bookshelf Builders” fused creativity and teamwork as shelves transformed into realms of knowledge, complemented by heartfelt gifts and team awards. The DoubleGDP retreat surpassed geographical boundaries, fostering unity and deeper understanding within this remote work paradigm.