Onboarding Lesson Points in aFun and Memorable Way






Team Engagement

Cellulant Bootcamp – Onboarding newemployees from all over Africa.

Cellulant’s Bootcamp aimed to onboard new employees from across Africa in a unique and engaging way. Our task was to create an experience that summarized key onboarding points while fostering deep connections to Cellulant’s culture and facilitating team bonding. Leveraging the Go Team app, participants embarked on a journey from the hotel to the nearby Arboretum Park, completing challenges and activities along the way.

The app incorporated quizzes, getting to know one another, and capturing photos of various sites, while also emphasizing team-related habits, Cellulant’s values, and creative problem-solving. With the Kenya Police providing security, the Bootcamp successfully merged onboarding lessons with fun experiences, enabling new employees to connect and thrive within Cellulant’s dynamic culture.