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Navigating Kenya's Financial Frontierwith Banking Graduates

On the 4th of July 2023, we hosted an immersive engagement for foreign banking graduates from South Africa, exploring Kenya’s vibrant economy and financial sector. The learning experience involved visiting local shops and markets, discovering Marketforce’s transformative platform, RejaReja, empowering digital commerce and fintech solutions. Interactions with shop owners and market vendors provided insights into inventory sourcing, digital payments, and financing.

Our Go Team GPS-based app facilitated a creative amazing race-like journey, fostering teamwork and problem-solving. At Visa Innovation Hub, the graduates witnessed another world of innovation in financial solutions for day-to-day activities. The day was capped with a panel discussion with fintech entrepreneurs unveiled industry challenges and opportunities. The graduates embraced Kenya’s financial landscape, gaining a deeper understanding of local businesses and innovation. Throughout, they left with memorable insights and experiences.