We Partnered with TotalEnergies to Launch Their Next-Generation Culture






Internal Communication

Launching the Next Generation ofTotalEnergies Culture

In November 2019, Stawi Experiences partnered with TotalEnergies for the launch of the next generation of TotalEnergies culture through internal communication strategies. The aim was to communicate the new culture direction, emphasizing talent development, managerial transformation, and a positive work environment. Under the theme “One Total, Better Together,” we created engaging experiences at staff forums in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

This included a photo booth with relevant props, a video booth for content creation, informative flyers and roll-up banners, and a visually captivating stage backdrop. The activation successfully conveyed the message, resulting in client satisfaction and attracting interest from other TotalEnergies affiliates seeking to utilize the developed content.