From our inception, it has always been clear that we are a people business. We passionately believe that businesses and brands are driven by people. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, any company could imitate your business strategy, products, and services. Information used to be a competitive advantage, but we all have access to the same information now. Your greatest competitive advantage is your people. People decide whether a great idea thrives or not, and whether a winsome strategy is implemented or not. People are your greatest asset. 

A humble but sure start 

Our mission to “empower businesses and impact lives” started several years ago as a small and unknown team building company. Armed with a firm belief that Africa’s potential could only be unlocked by unleashing the power of its people. And that well-run businesses were the key to unlocking this potential; we started on the journey that we are on now. 

On our journey, we found that while team building and training were great starting points, they did little to change behavior and culture within organizations. They were great experiences but merely adrenaline shots in the arm, and then come Monday things go back to normal. Our desire to see our clients succeed at their work and meet their goals, and the realization that culture eats strategy for breakfast pushed us to think harder about the solutions we were offering. 

We conducted health checks on team’s and organization’s and helped them work better together. Solve conflict. Communicate clearly. And understand their personalities better. But we felt there was more to be done. We motivated, encouraged, and engaged staff. We even went as far as joining Catalyst Global, the world’s number one team building network – giving us an ability to offer world-class team building products. But there was still more to be done. So we set up memorable conferencing experiences. Developed eye catchy and thought-provoking internal communications content. But there was more we could do. 

In our search for more we realized two things. One, our offering was more connected than we thought and secondly, experiences matter. And as a result, in 2020 we evolved into an Employee Experiential Agency. 

People Matter. And their Experiences Matter 

Experiences matter. Experience affects the purchases you make. Experience determines the brands you use, where you go on holiday, the restaurants you eat at, cars you drive or aspire to drive. Today’s largest brands put billions of dollars into their customer experience whether it is through stunning customer care, product development or product support. Our focus however is not on your external customers experience but on your internal customer’s. Employee experiences at work affect how long your best talent stays. It touches on engagement, on product and service delivery and ultimately customer experience and satisfaction. 

We realized that our connected offering of innovative team building, training, helping clients design E-Learning solutions, event management, internal communication, and even onboarding enabled us to offer 360-degree solutions to our clients that helped them with their employee experience. Our work in helping you meet your goals and be the best at what you do is focused on empowering your greatest asset, people, through a variety of experiences. 

McKinsey describes Employee Experience (EX) as companies and their people working together to create personalized, authentic experiences that ignite passion and tap into purpose to strengthen individual, team, and company performance. We do this by focusing on three pillars within your business – culture, technology, and physical space

We implore you to join us on this journey of changing the landscape of our countries and the continent of Africa. It starts with you investing in your people and their workplace experience. And then accomplishing your goals and being the best at what you do. Remember people are your greatest competitive advantage.